We are a Global Leader in Investment Services and Innovation  


For nearly 50 years, SEI has anticipated changing investor needs and built innovative solutions designed to help clients meet the challenges of managing personal and institutional wealth.


By concentrating on our clients' emerging needs, we are able to create solutions that are consistently relevant and useful. This helps our clients today and provides confidence for the future. As a trusted partner, we are committed to working with you to help you meet your clients' objectives and prepare for future investment challenges and opportunities.



Consider the benefits


  • Unique goals-based approachSEI's approach means that an investor's success is measured against investor goals and not just against benchmarks alone. By focusing on achieving personal goals, investors may be less prone to making irrational investment decisions that hinder their long-term performance.


  • High level of diversification. The asset allocation of each portfolio is designed to be well diversified across up to four asset classes - equity, fixed income, alternatives and cash.


  • Access to some of the world's best managers. Our team of approximately 90 analysts located worldwide select what we believe are some of the best from the entire universe of investment managers, including institutional and boutique managers that may not be available to the retail market.


  • Continuous portfolio management. SEI's sophisticated technology enables us to monitor the portfolio holdings and trades to ensure that the portfolios are aligned with the overall strategy; while our analysts continually monitor manager philosophy, process, people and performance.


  • Aligned to investor risk profiles. Designed to cover a spectrum of investor risk profiles, our portfolios can be mapped to some of the market-leading risk profiling tools.


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